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Are you an Adult Coloring Beginner? Keep these 7 tips in mind

Adult Coloring is all the buzz of late.

It’s clear that it revolves around colored pencils/crayons and coloring pages.

But, it is just plain old coloring, right?

Well..kinda! Yes!

While it looks like plain old coloring, it has tremendous benefits even for adults. The biggest one being a stress buster. There are many studies that show that coloring pages have a therapeutic impact on one’s health.

If you’re a beginner, it is best to keep your focus on learning the basics and practicing your coloring skills. Well, your work might appear somewhat basic at first, however, as you continue practicing, you will be able to try out some more complex coloring techniques.

To help you out, I have compiled the top adult coloring tips for beginners:

1. Experiment with Different Coloring Mediums

As a beginner, you should consider experimenting with various different coloring mediums such as markers, crayons, gel pens, and colored pencils.

Colored pencils are actually the best alternative for those who are just starting to color since mistakes are usually less visible. As for gel pens, they’re extremely versatile and they come in a wide variety of colors including glitter and neon. Depending on the type of coloring medium you use to color the pages, you can achieve very different results. You can try them all so that you can find your very own style.

2. Pressure Shading

Pressure shading involves varying the amount of pressure you exert on your colored pencil to apply/add more pigment onto the page while coloring across the gradient. The manner in which you hold your colored pencil makes a great difference. You should position your colored pencil so that most of its tip is in contact with your paper; this makes the color much smoother and helps reduce the possibility of pencil lines.

3. Keep Things Light

Always try not to press way too hard when you are using colored pencils, markers, gel pens or crayons. This will not only extend the lifespan of your supply but will also help keep the pointers/tips intact.

4. Prevent Bleeding

As a beginner colorist, there is nothing worse than putting all of your effort to finish your coloring masterpiece, only to, later on, turn the page and then find out that the markers bled through.

Before you start coloring your new coloring book, always test your coloring medium (gel pens, markers, crayons, or colored pencil) on a blank page at the back of your coloring book or on the cover page so as to check if it leaves a shadow or it bleeds through. To prevent bleeding, you simply need to place a thick blank sheet of paper underneath the page you are working on, or between the coloring book pages.

5. Keep the Colored Pencils Sharp

If you prefer using the colored pencils, you should try and keep them sharp as this is the best way of forcing color into the coloring book’s tiny cracks. Having fine tipped colored pencils also means that you will not apply color to a large area at a go.

6. Apply Highlights

One of the best ways of finishing off your coloring is to apply some highlights. You can use a fine paint brush and white paint, or you can use a correction pen or white out.

7. Download Free Adult Coloring Pages

Instead of practicing on your new coloring book, you should consider downloading free printable coloring sheets which are available online. By doing this, you will be able to try different coloring techniques without having to worry about messing things up.

Benefits of Getting Your Kid Started with Coloring Pages

Kids are a zillion time more creative than adults. Their imagination can take any shape without questioning it.

For example, ask an adult to imagine a monkey coming out of his ear and he will say -“What crap! How is this possible?”

Ask a kid to imagine this and he might ask -” Cool! Which ear?”

As a parent, it’s on us to foster this creativity and fuel it with as many things as we can.

Coloring pages are one of the ways to fuel a child’s imagination and bring out their creative side.

Here are some of the benefits of using coloring pages for kids:

Makes Your Kid More Creative

Creative people are in short supply these days. We are all so tuned to things in a narrow logical way that we struggle to be creative in simple tasks. It’s one of the reasons why artists/designers are paid so well.

When your kid uses coloring pages, it makes them more creative and inculcated an appreciation for visually appealing designs. It helps them understand what makes something more appealing and helps them understand the difference in colors.

Helps Improve Focus

In this age of mobile phone and laptops with high-speed internet, patience is in short supply. An average human being has an attention span similar to that of a goldfish.

Coloring pages would help your child improve focus and lead to higher attention span (so that he can grow up to be a smart person  and not a goldfish).

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Coloring pages would help improve the hand-eye coordination of your child. It also helps in developing the hand muscles that would help the child in improving his/her handwriting.

It also exposes your child to different designs such as cursive, bold, italics, etc.

Makes Your Kid More Expressive

Coloring pages could be a great way for your kid to express himself/herself.

It gives them the freedom to choose the relevant color, shade, combinations, which are all a part of an expression. The same coloring page can be colored in different ways as these are all different expressions.

Helps in Beating Stress

Coloring pages can have a therapeutic effect on children. It is a calming activity and allows a child to relax. This can also help them bond with other kids as kids in general love colors.

While these are just a handful of benefits, coloring pages have shown to be highly beneficial to kids as well as adults. You can easily get a lot of free coloring pages for adults and children.

Here is a great read on some additional benefits of coloring pages for kids.

Even adults are now gravitating towards coloring books given the benefits. Don’t trust me? See the video below: