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The Best 8 Mandala Magic
coloring pages for adults

Mandala magic is in the clarity of the mind. It is the comprehension of the truth, of the more or less convenient reality, of the prime underlying truth of the universe that contains it. It is the primacy of what is, and the experience of nothingness. It is what happens between the lines of an alphabet. It is a clear perception of yourself.

One must possess clarity, one must be open to illumination, and a clear perception of one's inner self is a prerequisite of this insight. Once this clarity is achieved, one can still listen to the infinite chatter of the mind, but the mind has been stripped of its corruption and delusion, and this is how the mind with that enlightenment comes into being. There is no view, no acceptance of a world.

To achieve a higher state of mind you can follow the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of creating colorful mandalas. They are used as a meditation practice. Use adults coloring books app to relax and clear your mind. You can also print the pages from the app directly or by downloading printable mandalas from this page. Coloring is a great exercise in concentration and self-control. Mandala magic is exacly this - concentration and self-control.