Adults Coloring Books

Adults Coloring Books: Stress Relieving Patterns

A quick, bright, playful coloring book is the perfect game on the go. All you need to get started - download and play, making it ideal for adults. Coloring with natural movements and rainbow colors is an enjoyable process for anyone.

Art Books: Minding Things Mental

Since coloring involves creating beautiful, detailed images, art books give you a new and original way to explore the human form. There's a wide variety of books available, but many have patterns to draw upon. Depending on your preferences, you can create wonderful artwork or just color mandalas and meditate.

What's better than a simple coloring?

Perfection. Take your time and get it perfect. Be creative. The pleasure comes from the act itself. And the ideas it raises for you. Kids Love the process. And the color. Adults are not different in nature. You will feel good. And if you know this is for you, you have all the motivation you need to keep doing it.

I learned this a long time ago. A young woman was complaining to me about her lack of inspiration for her art. I said something like, "What are you so frustrated about? Art isn't just about the satisfaction of seeing something you've created. It's about having something you want to see. Art is a joy, and it doesn't have to be a triumph. Art is something to do after you've learned how to smile at other people and play.